We support Influencer in establishing and operating their social media profiles by taking over the administrative tasks. This allows our artists to concentrate on the essential - their content.

Global Social Media

Whether Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or other platforms - we have the right expert for your online presence! We handle the account management for you, find the right advertising partners and take care of your finances. This way we relieve you of any work apart from content production and fan contact.

We can also work with you to develop individual growth plans, analyze your followers and likes and plan for the future together. With us you get unique security and growth opportunities.

Chinese Social Media

Thanks to our many years of experience in WeChat management, we can support Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in all areas. We can verify your account, organize advertising campaigns and find suitable companies to work with you.

In addition, our expertise in big data analysis allows us to analyze your followers and likes and thus tap into growth potential and new opportunities. Our offer includes the optimization of existing accounts as well as consulting and support for a first-time creation.


We generally do not publish our partners, but we make an exception in order to present clearly how we work and how successful our influencers are.

"女子无才便留德" (WeChat-ID: wucai6de) is one of the most successful WeChat accounts, which has collected active followers in the six-digit range. The account is therefore one of the most influential bloggers about life in Germany and family matters.

The profil picture of WeChat influencer: wucai6de

We accompany your way from a personal account to an influencer through the following measures:
  • Content and title planning
  • Layout optimization and graphic design
  • Management of fan groups in WeChat
  • Marketing using our media matrix
  • Promotion through various online activities
  • Support for cooperation with partners and sponsors
  • And much more...

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